Vorsteiner Aero

About Vosteiner Aero

Vorsteiner Aero offers the finest hand crafted aerodynamic components for the world’s finest exotics and supercars by Vorsteiner Aero. Based on the values we share around quality and customer satisfaction, Rogue Wheels Distribution is proud to bring you Vorsteiner Aero offerings.

Our team of experts at RWD is ready to assist you in creating the desired look for your vehicle with Vorsteiner Aero. With only the highest quality parts, we are sure to find something that will bring your vision to life.

Some of the most popular options include the aero programs offered for McLaren, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. No matter the car, the wide variety of programs offer the perfect solutions for most luxury vehicles.

458-VX Program

488 Italia Program

570-VX McLaren Program


720S Silverstone

981 Cayman GT4

991 GT3RS

Audi R8

BR-10RS Bentley Continental GT Coupe V8 (Facelift)

E70 X5M

E71 X6M

E92 & E93 M3

F10 M5

F12 M6

F87 M2

F8X M3/M4 GTS Aero


Lexus LC V-LC Program

MP4-12 Coupe & Spyder

Novara Edizione (Huracan)

Tesla Model 3 Volta Aero

Verona Edizione (Huracan)

Vincenzo Edizione Program (Huracan Performante)

X5M/X6M VRS Aero Program

Zaragoza Edizione Program (Aventador)

Do you have any questions about our Vorsteiner Aero offerings? We have a team of specialists prepared to help you find exactly what you are looking for based on your specific vehicle. Whether you are creating a vision for a McLaren, Lamborghini, BMW, Tesla, Lexus, Audi, Ferrari, or Porsche, we have a solution for you!