Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam RSC BMW F8X M3/M4

RSC Tuning Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam for BMW F8X (M3 & M4) 2015+ The RSC Tuning F8X M3 M4 Air Dam was inspired by the factory M4 GTS with the required RSC Flare. The first thing you will notice is the similar style of the surfacing to the F8X design language that ties in with the original body work much better than the GTS version. Next you will notice the RSC Air dam is wider and spans the entire width of the front bumper. This gives your F8X the appearance of a wider stance and a greater amount of surface area to reduce any lift on the front Axel. It also looks better. RSC’s M3 / M4 Front Air dam was designed and engineered in the USA to the most stringent specifications with the goal of being the most solid and robust air dam available for your vehicle. The Air Dam not only features fasteners around the perimeter of the bumper, but also utilizes the 2 large radiator support bolts for the added support needed in high speed situations. This product was developed on our own in-house vehicle and subjected to extensive testing on both the race track and public roads

Price: $1490


The front Air Dam is constructed of 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber and cured in a state of the art Autoclave. This provides a strong and lightweight part with a beautiful weave quality and a consistent weight. The Air Dam is double bonded to provide a flat surface under the car to reduce lift as well. Additionally the part is also applied with a clear coat that has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and allow you to polish the part back to a scratch free finish. Optionally you can add the lower adjustable splitter to the RSC front air dam for added downforce and aesthetics. This splitter can be adjusted by loosening and tightening the bolts under the splitter. RSC Front Air Dam: -100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber -Supplied with UV Inhibiting Clear Coat -Optional Adjustable Lower Splitter -Full Width Front Air Dam -Premium Mounting Hardware Included -Guaranteed Fit & Finish -Installs in less than 1 Hour