Carbon Fiber Seat Control Replacement Panel RSC Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamobrghini Aventador has catapulted Lamborghini from the long in the tooth Murcielago platform, firmly into the 21st century. Its stealth fighter-like lines are uncompromising and aggressive, creating a car that looks fast even at a stop. Still, there is room for improvement.

These carbon fiber replacement piece replaces the stock plastic piece where the seat controls are with a new glossy carbon fiber piece that ties in with all the other carbon fiber in the cabin.

RSC’s CS700 Carbon Fiber styling package takes the Aventador’s already fantastic looks and gives them an exotic accent, replacing the factory plastic & leather trim with our high-quality visual carbon fiber. This 2-piece center console kit is designed to replace the stock pieces on either side. Each piece is carefully molded to the exact same size and shape as the factory pieces providing for easy and fast installation.

Available in Matte or Gloss finish.

Price: $995