Carbon Fiber Superleggera Style Rear Wing RSC Lamborghini Gallardo LP550/LP560/LP570

A must for any Lamborghini Gallardo, LP550 & 560 is the RSC Tuning SL Rear Wing.

This beautiful handmade work of art fits both coupe and spyder models. This custom built Carbon Fiber Spoiler is fully constructed from the finest Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber available with our time tested UV Inhibiting Clear Coat and 2 year warranty.

Price: $2895


As the number one manufacturer of Superleggera Wings in the world you will be sure to get the best quality in this price range from RSC. This durable wing utilizes the exsisting factory mounting points for a OEM quality fit and finish. The RSC Tuning SL Wing comes with two custom made carbon fiber mounting plates for the bottom portion of the wing providing a solution for vehicles with and without the OEM backup camera

(NOTE: RSCLAM2077 Camera Bracket is required for proper mounting).

Each RSC Wing goes through multiple quality control stages with more than 25 different inspection areas.

Mounting Gaskets: RSC Tuning recommends installing any SL Wing with the factory mounting gaskets also offered by RSC Tuning RSC Part No. RSCLAM2076

Third Brake Light: Model Year 2004-2005 vehicles in which the brake light is located in the roof instead of the rear spoiler will also require part number RSCLAM2074.

2006+ Vehicles where the brake light is mounted in the rear spoiler can move that brake light to the SL Wing with the supplied hardware.

Back-Up Camera: Cars with a factory backup camera will require part number RSCLAM2077 in order to mount the Camera to the supplied Carbon Fiber Camera Cover supplied with the wing.


Will I lose field of view from my rear back-up camera?
The RSC Tuning Superleggera Wing mounts the camera in the exact same spot as the OEM Superleggera wing, so you do not lose any field of view from your rear back up camera.

Does this come with everything I need for installation?
Yes, this Superleggera wing kit comes with everything you will need for seamless installation.

What is the difference between this and the cheap eBay Superleggera Wings?
There are tons of Superleggera Wings on the market – but they are not all made equal. RSC Tuning has separated itself from the rest of market by utilizing state of the art desing & development tools & techniques to ensure perfect fitment during installation. Our Carbon Fiber Superleggera Wings are designed & engineered in the USA, using only the best pre-preg carbon fiber material for maximum strength, durability, and weight-reduction. Many of the cheap eBay replicas use inferior-grade wet carbon fiber with weave distortions, that makes for a much heavier, visually un-appealing part that doesn’t match the OEM 2×2 Lamborghini carbon. The molds that are used in the production of the budget eBay wings are also inferior quality, and are extremely over-used, causing distortions in the final product, and making fitment an absolute nightmare. Lastly, the clearcoat we use on our Superleggera wings actually inhibits UV, and prevents the clearcoat from yellowing over time, which is something that the cheap Superleggera Wings are notorious for. All RSC Tuning products are also fully backed by us, and you will receive product support whenever it is needed by a representative here in the USA.

Does the Carbon Fiber weave match the OEM Lamborghini Gallardo weave pattern?
Yes, we use a high-grade 2×2 pre-preg Carbon Fiber material to perfectly match the OEM Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber weave pattern.