Edition 1 Side Skirts Mode Carbon Mercedes W205 C63(S) Coupe

Our Edition 1 Side Skirts for the C63(S) Coupe are an aggressive complimentary carbon fiber modification that is the missing link that ties together all of the carbon fibre on the front fascia and the rear end of your vehicle. This subtle yet vibrant addition is a simple touch that will remind you just how special your AMG is every time you enter and exit the vehicle. The little things definitely add up here, completing your C63s in our range of carbon fiber solutions definitely adds that powerful conviction that AMG is so synonymous for. If your attention to detail is keen then be sure to add this item to your wish list!


Price: $1695
Technical Specs
Weave: 2×2
Finish: High Gloss UV Protected Clear Coat
Construction: Pure Carbon Fibre
Process: Pre-preg
Fitting Instructions
  1. Lay 3M double-sided tape over the entirety of the side skirt indentation on the rocker panel of the vehicle.
  2. Remove the backing of the 3M double-sided tape on the carbon fibre side skirt pieces.
  3. Place onto the vehicle and apply external pressure via painter’s tape until fully curated.