Engine Bay Vents Mode Carbon Lamborghini Huracan

The Engine Bay Vents include two pieces, replacing both the right and left vents near your engine bay. Not only does this add a dark, menacing tone to the rear of your Lamborghini Huracan, but the pop of carbon fibre weave gleaming in the light will be sure to turn heads. The rear boot gets the flare it deserves without compromising the class and sophistication that a vehicle of this caliber possesses. The little things definitely add up here, completing your Huracan in our range of carbon fiber replacements definitely adds that touch of class that Lamborghini is so synonymous for. If your attention to detail is keen then be sure to add this item to your wish list!


Price: $1795
Technical Specs
Weave: 2×2
Process: Pre-Preg
Finish: High Gloss UV Protected Clear Coat
Construction: Pure Carbon Fiber
Fitting Instructions 
  1. Remove OEM plastic engine vents.
  2. Fit the tabs along the top edge of the Engine Vents into the slots on the rear fender.
  3. Use hardware to bolt the Engine Vents to the OEM mounting points at both ends of the rear fender.