Euro-Spec Rear Diffuser Mode Carbon Mercedes W205 C63(S) Sedan

Our bespoke full carbon fibre Euro-Spec Rear Diffuser replaces the dull, unimpressive factory plastic rear diffuser for a rear end you can be proud of. The styling of the upper portion is drastically improved by eliminating the fake mesh pattern on the factory diffuser for a sleek and clean look.

Even though this product utilizes a full carbon fibre construction, all OEM features are left in-tact thanks to our implementation of cutting edge technologies. The rear mounting brackets around the parking sensors are 3D printed onto each and every Mode Carbon rear diffuser, ensuring a perfect replica of the OEM mounting tabs that would otherwise not be possible by traditional molding techniques. This allows for a flawless OEM fitment without blocking your parking sensors and other electronics in the rear of the vehicle that require a radio signal to be transmitted. We also include a carbon fibre tow hook cover to keep tow hook access fully in-tact should the need arise.


Price: $1295
Technical Specs
Weave: 2×2
Finish: High Gloss UV Protected Clear Coat
Construction: Pure Carbon Fiber
Fitting Instructions
  1. Remove the rear bumper from the vehicle.
  2. Remove OEM plastic rear diffuser from the rear bumper.
  3. Fit the tabs of the carbon fibre rear diffuser into the slots on the rear bumper.
  4. Use hardware to bolt the rear diffuser to the OEM mounting points at both ends of the rear bumper.