HF6-1 Vossen Hybrid Forged 6-Lug

The HF6-1 is Vossen’s first Hybrid Forged 6-lug design, expanding the HF Series’ reach to the truck and SUV market. Utilizing the same Hybrid Forged process as the rest of the series, the HF6-1 is available in 5 standard transparent finishes and 9 custom finishes.

Starting at $599ea.


Sizes: 20″, 22″, 24″

Standard Finishes: Tinted Gloss Black, Tinted Matte Bronze, Brushed Matte Black, Silver Polished, Tinted Matte Gunmetal

Custom Finishes: Gloss Gold, Gloss Black, Satin Black, Gloss Silver, Satin Silver, Textured Bronze, Satin Bronze, Anthracite, Matte Black