Huracan & LP580 Rear Wing RSC Lamborghini Huracan

RSC Tuning CS680 Huracan Wing The RSC Tuning CS680 Huracan Wing is constructed from the finest Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber fabrics utilizing cutting edge epoxy resins available to create the lightest, strongest, most beautiful finish possible. With precision machined Stainless Steel mounting brackets and support stanchions the rigidity and performance of the wing remains consistent across all vehicle speeds and durability that will stand up to the test of time. It’s impossible to ignore the perfect 3K 2×2 Twill Weave and that deep clear coat finish we all love. This wing will set your Huracan apart from the rest blurring the lines between the factory design language and aftermarket performance.

Price: $3795


Our premium UV inhibiting clearcoat gives this product a mirror like finish that can be re-polished just like the factory clearcoat that came with your vehicle. RSC’s unique clear coat formula has proven to stand up to the test of time over the past 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers. You can quickly find 8-10+ year old RSC products regularly making appearances at car shows and restaurants worldwide. The best part of the RSC wing is without a doubt the complex 3D airfoil design. This wing was designed with the singular intent of creating something functional that remained beautiful. The shape of the air foil is optimized for automotive speeds. This low drag high down force design is extremely efficient and validated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The airfoil design was engineered by a team of surface engineers and aerodynamicists with decades of combined OEM engineering experience. It’s obvious when you see this product in person it has more in common with a race car wing or air plane wing than most of the wings you see on aftermarket cars. What’s Included: -CS680 Wing Blade -100% Pre-Preg Carbon -RSC UV Inhibiting Clear Coat Formula -CS680 Stainless Steel Wing Stanchions Satin Black -All necessary mounting hardware & fasteners -RSC Stainless Steel Support Brackets -RSC Factory Warranty Product Compatibility: 2015-2019 Huracan LP610 2015-2019 Huracan LP580