LP570-4 Style Rear Diffuser RSC Lamborghini Gallardo LP550/LP560/LP570

A more aggressive look for LP550 & LP560 owners or a replacement part for a damaged LP570 OEM diffuser. This impeccable carbon fiber part replicates the OEM part and matches the weave perfectly for a superlative fit and finish. Easy bolt-on installation for an instant visual transformation. Weighs in at just 5.8lbs!!!! RSC Tuning 570 Style Rear Diffuser for Lamborghini LP RSC Tuning 570 style rear diffuser is a direct replacement for LP550/560 diffuser, while adding a slightly more aggressive appearance. Also a direct replacement for LP570 diffuser at a fraction of OEM cost Made using Pre-Preg 3k 2×2 twill Carbon Fiber By using RSC’s Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber you not only get better resin distribution, but also a much more symmetrical weave free of imperfections Finished using autoclave technology to create a strong aerospace quality beautiful part Available in UV inhibiting Gloss or Matte clear coat finish Weighs just 5.8 pounds Easily installs using all factory mounting points and hardware