Luftstrom Rear Diffuser Mode Carbon Mercedes W205 C63(S) Sedan

We are proud to announce our latest offering for the ‘15+ C63 AMG Sedan, our Mode Carbon Luftstrom Rear Diffuser. This new design features bolder fins than the OEM component, for a more aggressive styling that does the quad AMG exhaust tips justice. We were careful to make sure that the styling does not go over-the-top, like some of the other big-fin options out there on the market. As always, our Mode Carbon Rear Diffuser will feature full tabs and utilize the factory mounting points for a seamless fit and finish that is guaranteed when you purchase any of our carbon fibre components.

Our commitment to quality is high-grade carbon fiber that reduces weight, increases performance and improves aerodynamics. Whether your car is for the street or dedicated to track use, Mode Carbon’s Luftstrom Rear Diffuser offers an ample blend of quality, refinement and style.


Price: $1495
Technical Specs
Weave: 2×2
Finish: High Gloss UV Protected Clear Coat
Construction: Pure Carbon Fiber
Fitting Instructions
  1. Remove the rear bumper from the vehicle.
  2. Remove OEM plastic rear diffuser from the rear bumper.
  3. Fit the tabs of the carbon fibre rear diffuser into the slots on the rear bumper.
  4. Use hardware to bolt the rear diffuser to the OEM mounting points at both ends of the rear bumper.