PF7 Targa Series 3 Piece Step-Lip Brixton Forged

Starting at $2118 per wheel

The Brixton Forged Targa Series combines the technical engineering of our lightweight 1-piece UltraSport+ Series with a 3-piece deep concave construction. The Targa Series features weight reduction floated spoke ends, lightweight step lip rim halves and backpad pocketing; all of which are designed to increase dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decrease overall stopping distance.

Each Targa Series model is individually designed and engineered specifically for performance supercars, sedans and SUVs.


Diameters: 18.0” – 24.0”
Widths: 6.0” – 16.0”
Construction: 3-Piece, Deep Concave
Rim Halves: Step-lip / Reverse-lip optional
Hardware: Hidden Only*
Weight Reduction: Pocketing / Floated Spoke Ends


Solid: Lunar White (Satin, Gloss Clear), Firecracker Black (Satin, Gloss, Fine Texture), Kingsport Grey (Satin, Gloss Clear), LeMans Grey (Satin, Gloss Clear), Forged Bronze (Satin, Gloss, Fine Texture), ODB (Fine Texture)

Transparent: Raw Aluminum (Brushed, Polished), Single Tint (Brushed, Polished), Double Tint (Brushed, Polished), Triple Tint (Brushed, Polished), Smoke Black (Brushed, Polished), Carbon Bronze (Brushed, Polished), Olympic Bronze (Brushed, Polished), Classic Bronze (Brushed, Polished), Rose Gold (Brushed, Polished), Oxford Gold (Brushed, Polished), Carbon Red (Brushed, Polished),