BC Forged Wheels

About BC Forged

BC Forged wheels have completely reshaped the entire wheel industry thanks to their unique custom designs. First established in 1999, the company was a manufacturer of high-performance shock absorbers in Taiwan. They ventured into wheel manufacturing with the aim of providing customers with uniquely designed wheels at affordable prices. Today, the BC Forged is now one of the worldwide leaders in full custom wheel manufacturing.

At Rogue Wheels Distribution, we understand the importance of custom looks for your vehicle. We are truly passionate about bringing visions to life on luxury vehicles. We are excited to bring you the offerings of BC Forged Wheels to achieve a level of customization that leads to perfection.

EH Series

FJ Series

GW Series

HB Series

HBR Series

HC Series

HCA Series

HCL Series

HCS Series

HT Series

HW Series (6 Lug)

KL Series

LE Series

LE Series (6 Lug)

LE Series (8 Lug)

RS Series

RT Series

RZ Series

TD Series

Do you have questions regarding the customizations available for the wheels you are considering? Give us a call or send us an email! Our team of experts will be able to provide a recommendation based on their extensive knowledge of the industry and the various brands we are able to provide.